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Millennial Hospitality IV: After Hours

Charles James Hall

Millennial Hospitality IV: After Hours
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In the first three volumes of his memoirs concerning experiences while serving at Nellis Air Force Base, Charles Hall gave astonishing testimony of having met with 'Tall White' extraterrestrials located at a secret underground facility at Nellis. Three independent witnesses have come forward to confirm important parts of Hall's testimony. Hall is a credible witness of extraterrestrials having reached agreements with U.S. military officials. This fourth volume offers more startling details that help confirm his experiences and help usher in new era of official disclosure of extraterrestrial life. - Micheal Salla, Ph.D. President & Founder, Exopolitics Institute.

Charles Hall's report (Millennial Hospitality I-III) of his encounters and deep interactions with tall humanoid beings living on the USAF Nellis Range remains without serious challenge to this day. And this is remarkable, as its implications are so radical; they reveal an entrenched presence in the American Southwest that predates the arrival of Euro-Americans in the area, and that continues with covert protection and support from the U.S. government while maintaining communications with a distant home location. Hall's powerful and entirely self-consistent narrative, filled with surprising and revealing detail, is so impressive that I have chosen it as the only example of modern human-ET contact to receive major coverage in my web pages. - Gerry Zeitlin, "Open Seti Initiative" www.openseti.org

It is possible that eventually the story Charles Hall tells will be seen as a pivotal moment in UFOlogy. His story has become the key to linking a disparate series of reports, encounters and claims that have circulated in UFO circles without a home for many years. This fourth and final account gives us the most detailed look ever into one aspect of a covert military-alien liaison that has been underway for decades. Essential reading! - Warren P. Aston, Researcher, Author.

Authorhouse, 2007
Softcover, 376 pages

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