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Murder of Time, The - Matthew Pauly

Matthew Pauly

Murder of Time, The - Matthew Pauly
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Making And Unmasking A Sleeper.

Matthew Pauly was a successful computing professional whose life was forever changed one late November evening in 2005 after being coerced into the back of a five-ton, armoured military van in mid-town Toronto during a Geneva-Convention violating, military training exercise: 'Joint Control, Unified Command 2005' (JC UC 05). The US Joint Task Force (JTF) to Canadian JTF2 training exercise with RCMP support taught 'enhanced interrogation', and MK-ULTRA torture-trauma-hypnosis, mind control using Pauly as a non-consensual test subject.

Pauly's in-the-moment account of this event and other R&D events reveals brutal, torture-based mind control able to force people to do things against their will, and even survival instinct. Mind-controlled patsies and actors have their will power extinguished with Scopolamine at 'show time' so the controller can coerce them to follow (violent) hypnotic pre-programmed behavior. The patsy or actor has no memory of the event for months to decades due to torture-trauma caused dissociative amnesia. Sometimes faked and often false flag hate crimes, assassinations, and terror events are possible with such slaves.

Pauly warns this clandestine human rights violating R&D carried out by the US Military and intelligence with help from the paramilitary of Canada is used to manipulate public opinion through fear against the bogeyman ideology of the day. A frightened public supports wars abroad, and draconian rights suspension at home to "get the terrorists." The 1945 CIA Project Paperclip resettlement of thousands of Nazi mind-control scientists is still evident today. This report confirms that after the 1975 US Senate Church committee hearing into MK-ULTRA human experimentation, the program did not stop, it simply went covert.

Lulu, 2016
Softcover, 235 pages

Signed by Matthew Pauly!

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