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From the makers of our amazing GLACIAL BLUE TOOTH OIL, comes SATEEN.  The total face formula you can use for all your facial needs. Sateen literally saves you time and money as you won’t need a moisturizer, a cleanser, or a night crème. Men won’t need an after- shave. Women, you won’t need a cream to repair the skin after shaving your legs. You won’t need something to remove your eye makeup or toners or anti-aging creams. All you need is one little product called Sateen. Your skin will look younger and have a healthy glow.

This silky, pure, essential oil is also a life saver if you get a sunburn-you won’t even peel if you keep your burn treated with Sateen. If you have cataracts, you can try a drop of Sateen in the eye at bed time (as it will create a slight film). In some cases this may take several weeks or even months, but we have great reports on its success. Use it to soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails. Use around the eyes in the morning to get rid of morning puffiness. Use on dry patches anywhere on your skin. And take note of your pores! If you have enlarged pores, keep using Sateen and you will see a difference.

If you cut yourself-soothe it with Sateen; if you burn yourself –get relief with Sateen; soften scars; use on varicose veins, and stretch marks. And one of the greatest thing about Sateen is that you can use it in or on ANY orifice. It can be safely used as a lubricant, or to rid you of itching or dryness; for chaffing; for your baby’s bottom or heat rashes; inside the mouth with canker sores or cold sores (we usually alternate between the use of Sateen and Glacial Blue).

Take advantage of this incredible anti-aging essential oil. Watch how when you first apply it to your face, your face begins to flush. This is indicative of the capillaries getting nutrition from the Sateen at a deep level. If your skin breaks out sometime in the first month, don’t be alarmed. You are getting a necessary clean out of toxic build up. It only lasts a week and then your skin is renewed. This does not happen to everyone, but bless it if it happens to you. You have no idea how long your cells have been storing dirt, oils, chemicals, and so forth that need to come out. This product is for both men and women and all skin types, even if you have oily skin. Just use 4-7 drops on your face and throat once in the morning and once at night. You will be thrilled.

Ingredients: Organic Orange and Lemons in a base of Organic Almond Oil. Over laid with Zero Point Technology.

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