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The Boys At Bohemian Grove

Armand Santilli

The Boys At Bohemian Grove
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The Boys at Bohemian Grove is a story about secret societies of powerful and influential men who meet in camera to sculpt world politics and design foreign policy. In a world with alarmingly declining stores of fossil fuels, two American presidents place their positions of power, their fortunes, and their lives in great jeopardy, as they commit the armed forces of the greatest Superpower of all time to fight an imperial war for oil.

The goal: to perpetuate the contemporary life style of modern man; to stabilize American and other capitalist economies facing compromise by the rapid depletion of the world's most precious natural resource; and to maintain world peace.

The novel reflects upon the worldwide terrorism people of the western world must endure as their contribution to the crucial mission ahead, and calls attention to the varied terrorist networks that threaten today's civilized societies.

Xlibris Corporation, 2004
Softcover, 288 pages

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