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Tiki: Mysterious Icon of The Pacific

Doug Nason

Tiki: Mysterious Icon of The Pacific
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Douglas Nason is an anthropologist and professional photographer who travels the world to document his passion for the arts... and appeared in Chris Pfouts' book Hula Dancers and Tiki Gods. In this lecture he describes his travels through the South Pacific in search of the origins of the elusive Tiki gods, taking us from Tiwanaku in the high Andes to remote islands such as Rapa Iti, Easter Island and the Marquesas in search of the elusive origins of Tiki and Kon Tiki.

Fascinating information from the author of Night of the Tiki. Take a round the world tour in search of the legend of the Tiki by the one of the world's great photographers. Nason takes us to remote islands, long forbidden to outsiders, in search of lost Tikis.

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2004
DVD, 60 minutes

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