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UFO Abductions: A Global Phenomenon

Michael Hessemann

UFO Abductions: A Global Phenomenon
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Over four million Americans believe they are victims of the most frightening aspect of the UFO phenomenon; alien abduction. New research shows that alien abductions are occurring all over the world. In the production of this film, investigators traveled to ten countries in a daring attempt to uncover the truth.

In this breathtaking program both witnesses and internationally respected researchers present the facts about this shocking and alarming phenomenon. For example, strange implants of an unknown technology are removed from an abductee's body in the US; a British policeman is abducted by two aliens, one of which he photographed; two couples in Australia meet for the first time during an abduction, later recall their experience under hypnosis; strange landing marks and magnetic anomalies are found on the ground after abduction experiences; and a man from Nazareth suffers from severe inflammations after being covered with a yellow dust during an abduction.

Includes detailed accounts of UFO and alien abductions from the United States, Great Britain, France, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Australia and Brazil.

UFOTV, 2005
DVD, 78 minutes

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