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Zanoni: The Rosicrucian Tale - A Story of The Long Livers

Edward Bulwar Lytton

Zanoni: The Rosicrucian Tale - A Story of The Long Livers
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In this edition, we have beautifully edited and revised the text for an easier read. This was first published in 1842. We have included over 60 new illustrations with new annotations and translations of the Italian, Latin and French from the original editions. It makes it a nice read, as edited, for modern English and it helps to clarify meanings.

As well we identify the background material and significance of characters and place names. In the opening, there is also A Story of the Long Livers, which provides new insight into the hidden history, touching on what exists of a hidden vast background researched into the lives of the Mahatmas, called Long-Livers, or liberated living, who were once members of the Prince Favorites--associates of Sir Francis Bacon's secret support network of philosophers, scientists, artists, writers and moreover Intelligencers run by Anthony Bacon, later known as the Invisible College and the RC Fraternity. It also offers a unique literary critique of the historical significance of the characters written into the Zanoni story, and fresh insight into the background of Bulwer-Lytton who is said to have died January 18, 1873, his relationship with the Rosicrucian Long-Livers, or Mahatmas and others known to Freemasonry and Theosophy's inner circle, and of the true Rosicrucian Fraternity's Secret Chief's or founders.

Truth will come spilling out from these pages, and that proceeds faster than it can be written, but Zanoni is a vast subject that should not be taken as a fantasy, a legend, or even an allegory.

Daniel Howard Schmidt, 2017
Softcover, 680 pages

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