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A View From Space w.Gary Bell

A View From Space w.Gary Bell aka "Spaceman"

He goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go. He deprograms the brainwashed simply by uncovering the truth... but YOU can take it.

AVFS w.Gary Bell - Saturday April 22nd 2017

Saturday April 22nd 2017 - The Spaceman discussed: the recent terror attack(s) in France, spring equinox, Illuminati conditioning/programming, Champs-Élysées, France's upcoming Presidential election, ISIS, Marine Le Pen, April 20th, Hitler, black magic, the "Force", the Book of Revelation, the spear of Longinus, the coming AntiChrist, Earth Day, global warming, euthanasia, the Treaty of Versailles, North Korea, the New Age, UFOs, one world government, Bill Cooper's 'Behold A Pale Horse', World War 2, etc.

A View From Space is a weekly terrestrial radio program based out of Toronto, Canada that airs live every Saturday night on Talk Radio AM640. Start times do vary. If the Toronto Maple Leafs are done for the season, the show airs live from 8pm - 12am ET. If the Toronto Maple Leafs are still playing, the show airs later at night from 11pm - 2am ET.

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If you would like to contact Gary Bell, his emails are:

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An archive of old programs dating back as far as 2004 can be found HERE

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