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A View From Space w.Gary Bell

A View From Space w.Gary Bell aka "Spaceman"

He goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go. He deprograms the brainwashed simply by uncovering the truth... but YOU can take it.
- AM640 slogan which aired during every single show.

AVFS w.Gary Bell - Saturday November 11th 2017

It seems as though Untalk Radio AM640 has pulled the plug on 'A View From Space'.
Corus Entertainment received a complaint over antisemitism on the November 11th program (11.11). I suggest you listen to that show - posted above. Call and/or email the station to let them know you will NO LONGER tune in as a result of the cancellation. AM640 contacts can be found HERE. But first, please watch the following VIDEO.

Also, someone has started a petition to get Gary Bell back onto AM640.
You can view and/or sign the petition HERE.

Conspiracy Culture was a paid advertiser on AVFS from 2006 - 2017.

An archive of old programs dating back as far as 2004 can be found HERE

Discuss the show with other 'Space Cadets' on the Facebook AVFS Fan Page HERE

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