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Apocalypse And The Magnificent Sevens

Bonnie Gaunt

Apocalypse And The Magnificent Sevens
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This is a fresh and exciting look at The Book of Revelation. It is made surprisingly simple with the aid of sacred geometry and the ancient science of Gematria (also known as the Bible's Number Code).

Bonnie Gaunt has been researching the Gematria of the Bible for nearly forty years. Her work has received world-wide acclaim. In her latest research, she reveals an amazing story that is hidden in the Apocalypse. It is a story that touches the lives of every one of us, because we are living in it. But Apocalypse need not be the picture of doom that some have supposed. It is a beautiful story of hope for a world that surely needs it.

Today, with the threat of terrorists and the tragic loss of human life they have wrought, it is comforting to find positive assurance in the prophetic message that has been given to us -- assurance that our world is in safe hands, and under the control of a God who has a magnificent plan for the ultimate joy of His human family.

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2002
Softcover, 200 pages

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