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Conspiracy Geek: Collected Writings And Interviews

Joan d'Arc

Conspiracy Geek: Collected Writings And Interviews
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This book is a collection of writings and interviews by Joan d'Arc, including:

  • A new race of disembodied humans (Homo Alterios Spatialis) is being engineered to travel into deep space
  • Evidence of the remains of an ancient city as large as Los Angeles found on the Moon
  • Top scholar answers the paramount questions about 9/11 and Osama bin Laden
  • How God demoted Goddess and replaced the Womb with "the Word"
  • Solid proof that the Apollo moon landing was hoaxed
  • The night Wilhelm Reich's cloud-buster became a space gun
  • How museums and textbooks hide archeological evidence of extreme human antiquity
  • Why alternatives to Darwinian evolution should be taught in public schools
  • Evidence that by late summer 1963 Oswald would be blamed as the mentally deranged killer of President Kennedy
  • Did JFK live out his life on Aristotle Onassis' island of Skorpios as a heroin addict?
  • Incontrovertible proof that the US knew Japan was heading to bomb Hawaii
  • A secret JFK witness with mafia connections comes forward
  • A Canadian MK-ULTRA survivor tells of her ordeals

Joan d'Arc is co-founder of Paranoia Magazine, creator of The Hunter Gatheress Journal, and chief resident of the Paranoid Women Institute.

Sisyphus Press, 2012

Softcover, 349 pages

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