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Conversations With The Goddess

Mark Amaru Pinkham

Conversations With The Goddess
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Conversations with the Goddess is a series of dialogues within which the Goddess reveals much vital information about Herself, Her ancient matriarchal tradition and the current revival of the female principle on Earth.

Topics include: The complete history of the matriarchy; Lucifer, the Goddess's son and ancient king of the world; Atlantis, the birthplace of the patriarchy; The European mystery schools and secret societies, the hidden branches of the matriarchy; Armageddon, the final battle between matriarchy and patriarchy; Hitler, leader of the armed forces of the patriarchy; The United States, new home of the matriarchy.

Mark Pinkham gives us an alternative history of Lucifer, the ancient king of the world, and the matriarchal tradition he founded thousands of years ago. The name Lucifer means "light bringer," and he is the same as the Greek god Prometheus but different from Satan, who was based on the Egyptian god Set. Find out how the branches of the matriarchy, the secret societies and the mystery schools were formed and how they have been receiving assistance from the brotherhoods on Sirius and Venus to evolve the world and overthrow the patriarchy.

An unusual book from an unusual writer.

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2000
Softcover, 246 pages

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