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Dr. Mary's Monkey

Edward T. Haslam

Dr. Mary's Monkey
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Did inoculating millions of trusting school children with polio vaccines contaminated by monkey viruses trigger an epidemic of soft tissue cancers? Was a desperate effort to develop an anti-cancer vaccine diverted secretly into biological weapons? Is there a link between these covert experiments and AIDS? And do the answers to these vexing questions connect to the intrigues swirling around the assassination of President JFK?

More than a spirited page-turner, this riveting fresh look at a cold-case murder mystery is bound to make its own headlines. Here is a book of profound importance that helps us fathom what has really happened in our country. The grisly homicide of a nationally-known surgeon in 1964 New Orleans sets the stage for a chilling expose of scientists and spooks in shadowy hidden laboratories.

What they did then ... affects our world today!

When New Orleans native Ed Haslam began his modest investigation into the curious life and shocking death of the brilliant Tulane medical professor Dr. Mary Sherman, he couldn't have imagined that this inquiry would connect some of the city's most prominent citizens to "lone nut" Lee Harvey Oswald, to the Mafia, and to forces high inside the U.S. Government - nor that these new discoveries would ultimately change our understanding of a fateful November day in Dallas. But they have!

Edward T. Haslam is an advertising executive who has represented some of the largest corporations in America. Born in New Orleans, he has lived in Florida since 2000.

TrineDay, 2014
Hardcover, 401 pages

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