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Watchers 6: The Secret Cosmic War

L.A. Marzulli

Watchers 6: The Secret Cosmic War
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Could there be a singular answer to the mysteries of the megalithic structures around the world? Is there a pattern, a construction method, or a clue left by these ancient builders -- a thread of evidence that wraps around the world? Could they have been creating a network of power centers that we are only discovering today? Is there anything about it in the ancient texts of the Bible?

Much of the information on giants and the Nephilim has been sealed. We began our search for one more spot -- one special location where unspoiled evidence could still be examined where minds were still open and we could do our own tests and research to get to the bottom of the truth. But, where could we go to possibly do this?

We had to go to Peru. Watchers 6 is an unprecedented look into an ancient race that may have been part of the Nephilim, as reported in Genesis 6. Our team of experts converged in Lima, Peru and by the end of the film you'll see that elongated skulls and unexplained beings can still be found. What we don't know is how much longer this evidence will be available.

Spiral of Life / Pinlight LLC, 2013
DVD, 78 minutes

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