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PTSD: Time To Heal

Cathy O'Brien

PTSD: Time To Heal
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25 year veteran US Government Whistleblowers Mark and Cathy are arming you with the self-applying concise facts they teach leading mental health professionals worldwide. Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD's sliding scale the way Cathy's Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.

These step by step healing methods intelligence insider Mark Phillips taught Cathy can help anyone willing to reclaim control over their own mind and life just as she did. Their journey to release PTSD: Time to Heal has been politically strenuous until now! Positive change through public awareness and overwhelming global demand prompted this release of otherwise suppressed easy to follow step-by-step healing methods Mark taught Cathy for successfully reclaiming her mind and life after decades of torturous MK Ultra mind control.

Since PTSD: Time to Heal is a workbook journal, it is not authorized in either eBook form or used copy. From it's cover to unconventional layout to insights within, PTSD: Time to Heal reverberates with introspective inspirations.

Reality Marketing, 2016
Softcover, 95 pages

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