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Scottish Rite Handbook: A Freemason's Personal Record

James F. Hatcher III

Scottish Rite Handbook: A Freemason's Personal Record
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This book offers a simplified overview of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and is a personal record book for members. Whether it is a given as a gift for the new initiate or purchased as a working tool for those members working in the degree presentations, this handbook offers members a permanent record of their work in the Valley.

It includes sections for recording offices held, special appointments, degree work, charity operations, and training and instructional conferences, as well as service in other bodies of Masonry outside of the Scottish Rite. Understanding the work for a particular degree can be accomplished in days, weeks, months or years. This book allows the member to keep notes and jot down personal reflections on the various degrees, continually adding new understandings about the work, and developing a foundation for expressing and providing new ideas for the members from the teachings.

Compatible in Valleys & Orients: USA-SJ, USA-NMJ, AASR-PHA, and Canadian SR.

CreateSpace, 2014
Softcover, 186 pages

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