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Seal of The End Times

Nils Hammaren

Seal of The End Times
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Crushed underneath fifty feet of rubble and broken ashlars, she lies also in pieces, decayed and forgotten. Her long slumber has been interrupted twice since she was laid to rest alongside the 861 foot south wall of Solomon's Temple Mount. Today the two southern gates in Herod's outer wall are blocked-up with stone and mortar; the public sealed out of the 240 foot tunnels which were designed to connect Herod's gates with the original south gates of Solomon's Temple. She quietly awaits God's call, among the slumbering Kings of Israel, at the forthcoming First Resurrection. Her day will surely come, she will once again trod the Temple Grounds and feel the kiss of afternoon sunlight in the Kingdom. For her fate was sealed by The Holy Spirit who remembers her name and knows it was she who gathered the ancient leather scrolls, the copper plates, the treasured words of the Prophets and began our Bible as we now know it. She sleeps on, hardly resembling anything that was once alive, near the tunnels and entrances that bear her name. She is Huldah The Prophetess (Chuldah in Hebrew) and will one day see the God she served, face to face. It is time for the Latter Days to give birth to the Kingdom; the troubled Temple Grounds have only one more appointment with outrage.

But before Huldah sees God, eyeball to eyeball, One who also trod the Earth long before her and parted the Red Sea in the Exodus, will climb the steps of the Temple Mount and give counsel to all those that press near, longing for God's Word. He will have with him a friend of Jesus who died in prison while Jesus preached the Covenant of Grace in the streets of Jerusalem. These two powerful Men of God will offer the world sanity and direction at a time of chaos, a clear vision of the imminence of God's Kingdom and the Second Coming of Jesus. They will lead the apartment dwelling Jew across the Jordan, back to the Wilderness one last time, to convert all of Israel into a Holy Nation, even as the western room of the Temple was once Holy and filled with the Glory of Jehovah.

We now enter the End Times and the order of prophetic events is becoming known. We understand much more about the days ahead because the Holy Spirit is doing what He said He would do--lift the Seal from the worlds of Prophets spoke. The Seal of The End Times puts into order, God's pre-Kingdom moves even as we enter the 70th and final week of Daniel's great prophecy. And we learn that long before we see Jesus' return, we have The Holy Spirit ever near us. Indeed, only The Holy Spirit is able to take away the Seal. Each time He lifts it, Huldah stirs in her grave, for the time has truly come.

End Times Press, 1992
Softcover, 319 pages

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