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Tempest & Exodus

Ralph Ellis

Tempest & Exodus
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The dramatic discovery of a large biblical quotation on an ancient Egyptian stele. When compared to its Biblical equivalent, the text appears to be two separate accounts, Egyptian and Israelite, of a conference about how the Biblical exodus should be organized. This sequel to Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs also contains:

• the secret name of God
• the location of Mount Ararat
• illustrations of Noah's Ark

The quotation thus has fundamental implications for both history and theology because it explains:

• why the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant were constructed
• why the exodus started
• where Mount Sinai was located
• who the God of the Israelites was
• who the Israelites really were
• why the Torah, Bible and Koran were written

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2015
Softcover, 247 pages

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