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The Cosmic Matrix: Piece For A Jig-Saw Part 2

Leonard G. Cramp

The Cosmic Matrix: Piece For A Jig-Saw Part 2
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Cramp examines anti-gravity effects and theorizes that this super-science used by the craft described in detail in the book can lift mankind into a new level of technology, transportation and understanding of the universe. The book takes a close look at gravity control, time travel, and the interlocking web of energy between all planets in our solar system with Leonard’s unique technical diagrams.

Chapters include: A Wood For the Trees Scenario?; Setting the Stage; The Ether, the Strong Force, Matter and Energy; Towards the Unification of Gravity and Primary Energy; The Cosmic Matrix; Was There Really a Big Bang?; Inclusive Attributes of the Cosmic Matrix; Paranormal Attributes of the ‘Spooky’ Kind; Paranormal Attributes of the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ Kind; Electrogravitic Motivation; Electrogravitic Propulsion; From Cars to Spaceships and Supermen; tons more.

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2015
Softcover, 360 pages

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