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The Triangle: The Truth Behind The World's Most Enduring Mystery

Mike Bara

The Triangle: The Truth Behind The World's Most Enduring Mystery
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Mike Bara, featured on the History Channel show Ancient Aliens and author of Ancient Aliens on the Moon, takes a hard look at the Bermuda Triangle. For decades, no single place has intrigued the world more than the baffling mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Hundreds of ships, planes and yachts have disappeared in the dark, mysterious waters between Bermuda and Florida, far more than in any other part of the world. Ships have vanished without a trace only to magically reappear years later in good order but minus their crews, almost as if the intervening years had not even passed–for them. Yachts and ocean liners have gone missing in good weather with no explanation. Pilots have reported bizarre problems with their instruments as compasses and guidance systems have spun inexplicably out of control over the shadowy waters of the Triangle. Entire squadrons of military aircraft have disappeared off of radarscopes in clear weather and with no forewarning. Others have experienced strange magnetic anomalies and otherworldly encounters with mysterious craft and unrecognizable energetic fields. Explanations range from alien encounters to rogue waves to twisting unnatural funnel spouts caused by submerged civilizations left over from the days of Atlantis.

Find out what really happened to Flight 19, the Navy training flight that last reported “they look like they're from outer space” over the Triangle. Examine the undersea ruins of a lost civilization just off the island of Bimini and the strange stone road that leads directly into the deep waters of the Triangle. Examine the case of the Cotopaxi, the ore ship lost at sea only to reappear decades later off the coast of Cuba, far beyond where it was last sighted in the Triangle's maritime shipping lanes. These and other enigmatic cases will be stripped open and laid bare before the light of history as the reader is carried on a journey to the world's most frightening and impenetrable mystery–The Bermuda Triangle.

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2019
Softcover, 200 pages

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