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The Universe - Solved!

Jim Elvidge

The Universe - Solved!
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What if reality isn't really what you think it is?

What if our world was just a big video game?

It's actually not as far-fetched as it seems, says Jim Elvidge. Within 30 years, we will be able to create virtual environments indistinguishable from our reality. Within a few more decades, even physical realities will be manufactured. And we are marching toward an inevitable merge with machines. What's more, it is actually impossible to tell whether or not we have already reached that point.

An expert in complex computational systems, with over 20 years of research in cosmology, quantum mechanics, philosophy, anomalies, and futurism, Jim Elvidge presents a theory of reality so perfect, so powerful, that it explains all known scientific and cultural anomalies. Why is the universe so perfectly designed to support life and matter? Why does life feel like it is accelerating? Is there life after death?

The evidence is actually all around us, within us, and present in every decision we make. This book may completely change the way you look at your world, your life, your friends and family, and the PC on your desk.

Alternative Theories Press, 2007

Hardcover, 257 pages

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