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Through The 'Oswald' Window

Dave O'Brien

Through The 'Oswald' Window
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Of all the JFK assassination theories proposed over the years, Through The 'Oswald' Window is the first study of the event through the eyes of the actual assassin.

Author Dave O'Brien became one of the few researchers ever granted access to the so-called 'Oswald' window when the building was locked and sealed from the public.

By standing in the shoes of the actual assassin in the Book Depository, in essence looking over the sniper's shoulder, what the author saw was shocking and challenges what the history books say about how President Kennedy died on November 22, 1963.

The 398-page color edition with over 200 images reveals why a 'lone' assassin at the infamous sixth-floor window could NOT have carried out the assassination of JFK on his own. Further, it casts doubt that Oswald fired from the window named after him.

Dave O'Brien, 2017
Softcover, 398 pages

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