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UFOs And Aliens: Why The Secrecy?

Madeline Sue Mortensen

UFOs And Aliens: Why The Secrecy?
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Who could have thought that one hundred years after their deaths Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett would become a part of the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident? Many of the secret government projects and cover-ups find their roots in UFO visits to our planet.

The US Government is still covering up the truth but at least 16 nations have released their files about the UFO/Alien visitations, with many more preparing to. There are thousands of UFO sightings. Some are listed here and include the website to go to see where the sightings are in your area. We may learn from those who have come before us, whether they come from planet Earth or planet XYZ makes no difference to me.

I just want the Truth.

Morris Publishing, 2010
Softcover, 90 pages

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