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You Are The President!

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You Are The President!
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You have just been 'elected' President of the United States of America! The future and survival of the free world is on your shoulders!!

- Or is it??

Will you be a benevolent leader, or rule with an iron fist?  Will you work for the People, or become a puppet of the New World Order?? Now, YOU have the choice!  But with a large amount of choice comes great responsibility, and a giant size portion of humour.  As you choose your way through the many different storylines, you will be confronted with a tour de force of different conspiracies.  Who will be the biggest threat to your leadership?  Will it be big business, public revolt, or aliens from outer space?  Whether you end up travelling to the moon, or getting kicked in the nuts by a little girl will all depend on the decisions YOU make!

This fully illustrated Adventure Game-Book is based on many different conspiracy theories. Some of the theories may hit close to home, others will be extremely outlandish. Will you go down as one of the greatest leaders that America has ever seen? Or will you be despised by the population? Through your choices you will greatly influence the fate of all humanity! Choose from over 40 possible endings!!

Ben Wahwah Publishing, 2015
Softcover, 133 pages

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