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The Ron Paul Uprising

Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Uprising
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What characteristics govern our choice for President of the United States? Is it political party standing? Charisma? Popularity? What our Friends think? Does anyone really pay attention to the integrity of the person hoping to govern our country?

Are there certain basic things we should anticipate from the person holding the highest office in our nation? Should we expect them to support and defend our Constitution; the law of our land? Is there a Candidate who understands his role in government?

We believe there is!

Through his knowledge about our country's history, understanding of our founding documents and perceptive nature of economic and foreign policy, Ron Paul is the first candidate in a long time that possesses that ability to help our country achieve truly positive change. Speaking out on a vast array of topics, including the economy, foreign wars and the rights of each of us to pursue our dreams, Paul is, beyond a doubt, a candidate whom our entire population can support.

The uprising has just begun!

William Lewis Films, 2012
DVD 60 minutes

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