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Cale Sampson: The Big Picture CD

Cale Sampson

Cale Sampson: The Big Picture CD
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Cale Sampson is a socially conscious hip hop artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been referred to as the “Bob Dylan of Hip Hop” and is also the inventor of a new sub-genre of hip hop music, he calls, “Info-Rap”. This genre of music challenges mainstream beliefs by presenting complex sociopolitical material in the form of easy to understand rap songs, which are structured more like personal essays than traditional song formats. This unique method of social commentary invites listeners to question authority, and the very nature of accepted truth, by encouraging people to become enlightened and to think critically for themselves.

With style described as “the skill of Eminem with the conscience of K’naan”, Cale Sampson is not your average rapper. Rather than focusing on typical commercial rap subject matter, his songs address the holistic flaws in modern-day society while expressing an urgency to bring about public awareness and positive change on a global scale. Due to this unique perspective, Cale has begun to inspire a younger generation of MCs, while capturing the attention of people who don’t normally listen to hip hop by forcing them to look at it in a different and more respected light.

With his grassroots background and strong internet presence, Cale Sampson is quickly accumulating an international following of fans who are rapidly spreading his music across the globe. He has become particularly popular on social networking websites such as YouTube, where in a very short period of time he has amassed over one hundred thousand followers. This loyal group of supporters is only continuing to grow as Sampson’s message-oriented music attracts more and more listeners worldwide.

Now it's time for you to hear the message!

01. Reach Up - 5:08
02. Nothing To Prove - 3:42
03. The Truth Is - 4:18
04. It Feels Good - 3:48
05. Technology - 4:02
06. The Facts of War, Part 2 - 6:27
07. Evolve - 4:45
08. Jamie's Song (Feat. Lori Nuic) - 3:39
09. Conscious Revolution (Feat. Rupert Harvey) - 4:36
10. The Money Song - 8:01

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