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Strange Planet w.Richard Syrett Vol.1 CD

Richard Syrett

Strange Planet w.Richard Syrett Vol.1 CD
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Richard Syrett is a veteran broadcaster, producer, writer and host of The Conspiracy Show which airs Sunday nights on Toronto's AM740 Zoomer Radio. This CD is a collection of Richard's weekly radio feature, Strange Planet. Richard has been delving into conspiracies, cover-ups, paranormal and supernatural phenomenon on Toronto airwaves for over a decade.

01. The Mysterious Flight of King Bird 50
02. The Time Machine
03. The Myth of Peak Oil
04. Witness To Roswell
05. The Creation of Adolph Hitler
06. Canada Incorporated
07. The Past Life of Ryan Doyle
08. The Grassy Knoll Gunman
09. Hollywood Hexes
10. The Homicidal Dummy
11. The Human Seismograph
12. The Illuminati Vampire
13. Jade's Haunted Telephone
14. Manchurian Candidate
15. Mark David Chapman
16. The Possession of Julia
17. The Secret Space Program
18. The Star Child Skull
19. The Reincarnation of Superman
20. The Shroud of Turin
21. Weather Control

Richard Syrett Media, 2009
Audio CD

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