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Hands Off Haiti CD

Canada Haiti Action Network

Hands Off Haiti CD
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The “Hands Off Haiti” compilation album is a project of the Canada Haiti Action Network, a grassroots group of activists based in most provinces across Canada that have actively been involved in Haiti solidarity work since 2004.

Funds raised from sales of the “Hands Off Haiti” compilation album go directly to the Haitian-based grassroots organizations and efforts including the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund, Partners in Health and the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.

01. "Kidnapped" - Pam Frache
02. "Make A Difference" - DL Incognito
03. "Oil-Kaholiks" - Mohammad Ali
04. "Blues For Sonny" - Mood Ruff
05. "Politics of The Blaow" - Arabesque ft. Anonymous Twist
06. "Alternatifs" - Jean St. Vil
07. "Freedom In Haiti" - The Dope Poet Society
08. "I Don't Wanna Wake Up" - The Red Menace ft. Tim Moxam
09. "Mothers And Daughters" - EMC
10. "Interview" - Samba Boukman
11. "Resistanz" - So Ann
12. "Sak Pase" - The Welfare Poets
13. "Wongoloo" - Chavanne
14. "Koudlo (Prelude)" - Melissa Laveaux
15. "Koudlo" - Melissa Laveaux
16. "Invisible Face" - Sara Marlowe
17. "Brown Eyed Warrior" - Lal
18. "Responsibility To Protect" - Jean St. Vil
19. "Get Live And Go" - Grand Analog
20. "Colere" - Infidel Crew
21. "Bringer of Bigger Things" - Propaghandi

Canada Haiti Action Network, 2007
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